Those Nakamura Eyes

I have been terribly busy as of late due to school concerns but there’s this one mangaka that sets me at ease whenever I read her mangas. I love looking people’s eyes but I never really paid attention to them in manga. To me, most of them are drawn generally the same. They can be expressive I’ve never been drawn into them in a way that 
I would just stare at those eyes for a good long while and mumble “beautiful.” At least until I read Nakamura Asumiko’s Double Mints.

Just like the main character in this manga, I was lured by the mystery of her eyes. There’s something in the way that it’s drawn, the fact that those lines just meet at the center and you’re caught in some mysterious abyss just with those eyes. It’s quite seductive, if not magnetic. And it’s amazing how she draws the same eyes over and over again with every panel. It’s admirable really. I think it was Matt Thorn who mentioned how some mangaka even use screen tone for their eyes but this woman carefully draws every line to make one of the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen in manga.
Of course, there’s really more to Nakamura’s art than her eyes but I’m quite sure that once you start reading her works, you’ll be lured in the same manner as I am.

God, I think I could keep on scanning these beautiful eyes for all of her works, but perhaps this is my way of saying that you guys should keep an eye on Nakamura Asumiko because her art and stories are just beautiful. It’s so awesome that she’s currently writing for Morning with her work Yobidashi Hajime. But I’ll put that up in a post much much later. I’ve yet to read a good volumes worth of that story to see if it’s alright (but so far it is!)

On the other hand, I’d like to ask, since I may have missed it in my reading of mangas, do any of you like a particular manga because of how their eyes were drawn?


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