[801] Hello. I am a Fujoshi. Today’s my day.

Fujoshi. Fujojo. There’s no denying that I am all of this.

It’s already in my blood. I don’t think I can ever unsee life without fujoshi lenses and I must confess that my fujoshi vision has given me nothing but pleasure in life.

Until, that strange awkward moment when you’re introduced to an esteemed colleague as one. See, last year, we had a guest who was giving a talk about Japanese manga and its presence in real life, and here comes my adviser introducing me as a fujoshi. Better put your bad foot forward, right?

I have issues going public about my fujoshi-ness. Don’t you? It’s my realm of fantasy and as much as possible, I’d like to keep this part of my life to people who won’t judge me for my manXman needs. I have had strange experiences that in the face of a general population, the mention of homosexual suggestion will only mean awkward silences and people’s hasty conclusion that I am a perverted person.

I know — we know — that liking BL, yaoi, slash, and permutations thereof is partly a perversion and as much as one would like to think that we are past the concepts of sexology and that these preferences are not in anyway sexual deviances, a good portion of the world still thinks I’m weird. Thus, I’d like to keep my fujoshi life a secret identity only open to friends who are happy with the batshit insane.

And I’m not alone on this. I have friends in prestigious positions, from doctors to lawyers to academes who shy from “coming out” with their fujoshi life.

Thus, when said adviser introduced me as a fujoshi, I immediately backpedaled and corrected him in saying I was into gender studies. That sounds a lot more respectable, isn’t it? Strangely, this esteemed colleague was not fazed by my fujoshi title and simply said “Oh just say you are a fujoshi. It’s something to be proud of.”

At that moment, I questioned if the time was right to come out as a fujoshi. I tried to admit to this colleague, with a sense of shame, that I was indeed a fujoshi but again she empowered me with supportive words that fujoshi are a powerful lot and there should be no shame in being a fujoshi.

And in hindsight, you know, she’s right. In the last century, the earliest of “fujoshi” have been shaping the face of comics. Thanks to the Magnificent Year 24 Group, we were able to explore shounen ai. They’ve also pushed the sci-fi genre, the josei genre, and finally managed to develop comics for women and their fantasies.

As fans, fujoshi have been most conscious about gender. Their fujoshi vision have made many fujoshi gender aware and have pushed gender debates to many directions.

Despite its “rotten” roots, there’s something beautiful about being a fujoshi.

And while the world masks boys’ love behind bromance, unresolved sexual tension, etc. etc., the fujoshi would probably be the first of the lot who would come out and embrace many men and women who used to keep their sexual preferences private.

I think today’s a great reminder on the amazing things that fujoshi have done in this world.

I’ll be posting some articles in the next few hours in celebration of this day just for us fujoshi. I’m hoping the weather would be nicer! Right now, my office has no electricity and I’m stealing time at another office just to post this for this day!

That said, among my readers and fellow fujoshi, are there still many of you uncomfortable in “coming out” as a fujoshi? Share me your stories and your experience and also, do you think it’s time to “come out” as a fujoshi?


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9 thoughts on “[801] Hello. I am a Fujoshi. Today’s my day.”

  • I work in a general bookstore and sometimes I order some BL because we do sell Manga but only Naruto etc. I’m always terribly embarassed about buying them though. I always hope that my coworkers don’t really look at the cover and/or don’t care what’s inside. They’re mostly in their 40ies and I think they would tease me to no end if they knew. ^^;

    It used to be no problem when I worked at a Comicstore, even though I got some stupid comment from coworkers. I was not embarassed at all. I wonder why?

  • Since manga/anime aren’t faced here with much criticism here with the exception of crazy religious folks, I don’t have problems saying those things are a hobby of mine. Liking yuri and yaoi is sth else though. The society is homophobic and though I don’t feel any guilt reading my H stuff, I’d certainly would be ashamed, if someone exposed me to criticizing gazes. Also, since I studied to become a teacher, my position is very sensitive and I must be careful.

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  • For me it’s not really a matter of coming out. It’s more about people asking the right questions. I’m pretty private by nature, so if I’m asked a question, I’ll give you an answer that suits my mood and the depth of our relationship. If we are close enough for me to invite you to my place, you can’t miss it. There are books EVERYWHERE, so I’m not keeping it that much of a secret. My close friends and my sister are aware. My mother has spent weekends at my place and I can’t go a day without doing something yaoi-related, so though we’ve never talked about it, she knows my interest.

    One thing about being a fujoshi, I’ve become more outgoing as far as interacting with people. Wanting desperately to share this passion will compel a person to take the first step in many situations they wouldn’t ordinarily. I’ve met so many awesome people (online) and had so many awesome conversations and debates, the likes of which I would have never dreamed of before.

    Simply, if asked, I’ll tell, but they better be prepared, because once I start, it’s difficult to stop. So, I’m not ashamed, but I’m not flying any flags either, but that’s just how I am.

    I’ll say this though, I don’t know how I’d react to being introduced as one, so I applaud you for not running away screaming because you just weren’t prepared for that. Good job!

    • I’m totally with you on being more out as a fujoshi to fellow fujoshi. It’s like you just want to bring all your fujoshi to someone and fangirling doesn’t feel as uncomfortable to a fellow fujoshi. 

      I also agree that my fujoshi side is on a need to know basis. My boss doesn’t know of it but my advisor, knowing my love for BL (and since he used to buy BL for me in Japan) can’t stop telling everyone about my fujojo ways. In a way it’s good for an occasional joke or two but I do restrain myself before I go crazy. 

      GAH! Thank you! I totall shrank and backpedalled when that happened but that scholar was really nice about it so I’m starting to feel more comfortable about my fujoshi life. 

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