Fujojocast #12: Gay Manga Dialogues with Thomas Baudinette (Part 2)

Herculion’s Full Service. Illustration by Mazjojo

I am finally back from check republic1 with the second part of my conversation with Thomas Baudinette on gay manga.

In the last episode, we talked about Tom’s research, how he stumbled upon gay manga, and how this genre is consumed by readers in Japan. As for this episode, Tom and I will continue and conclude our discussions on gay manga as it moves in transnational spaces.

In this Episode

Thomas and I continue our discussions on gay manga. This time, we look into new concepts of “hard” BL or “hard” yaoi as terms fans use to describe what Tom considers as hybrids of BL manga and yaroukei. As we discuss the works of some artists such as Matsu Takeshi and Zariya Ranmaru, we acknowledge that these works are changing the landscape of BL manga and has shifted the eroticism of the manga to what some of his respondents consider as pornographic.

We continue to discuss the authenticity of these hybrid manga and see its in impact in transnational spaces. Thomas and I look into the works of Asian artists such as Mazjojo and Guilt|Pleasure and see how their works highlight the transformations of gay comic, as seen through this transnationational concept of “bara”. 

As we conclude the show, we summarise the main points of the show and reflect upon the future of gay manga as it continues to navigate in a transnational space.

Fujojocast #12: Gay Manga Dialogues with Thomas Baudinette Part 2

Note: The opinions of both Thomas and Khursten do not represent their institutions

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OP: Doukyusei BGM 1 by Oshio Kotaro (from the Doukyusei Movie OST)
EP: Doukyusei BGM 1 by Oshio Kotaro (from the Doukyusei Movie OST)

Show Notes

Scarlet Beriko’s BL Design Manuals: Kissing Scenes, Love Scenes, Mousou Poses
Ranmaru Zariya: Coyote, Void, Nemuri Otoko, Pet Keiyaku
Hard or Eroero (Erotic) BL (Chil-chil’s 2017 Awards)
Tom of Finland (wiki)
Kazumi Nagaike’s “Do Heterosexual Mean Dream of Homosexual Men?: BL Fudanshi Discourse on Male Feminization” from Boys Love Manga and Beyond
Akiko Mizoguchi’s “virtual lesbian” in “Theorizing Comics/Manga Genre as a Productive Forum: Yaoi and Beyond” 
Mark McLelland’s “Regulation of Manga Content in Japan: What is the Future for BL?” from Boys Love Manga and Beyond
Herculion (Mazjojo)’s Full Service 
DMP’s Yabara announcement
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