Fujoshi Reads

36. In Clothes Called Fat

I knew exactly what the book was going to talk about and I wanted to see how Moyoco Anno would pull off this fragile title about women and their body issues. There’s brutal honesty In Clothes Called Fat. I wasn’t ready to see that in a manga.

35. Sono Otoko Amatou ni tsuki

This is the manga for the chocolate lovers. This is also not the manga for chocolate lovers. This manga excites me because it’s written by Est Em. It also makes me feel distraught because it’s by Est Em. This conflicted feeling lies on the fact […]

34. The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

I have my fair set of expectations when it comes to my favourite authors. The fact that I consider them my favorite entails a kind of resonance, a hive mind of sorts where you just know what kind of title to expect whenever they release […]

33. Nini no Mori by Shoowa

What initially got me with this title was a blurb in a fujoshi website saying “BEETLE BL”. And I’ve had my fair share of weird and odd things in BL but I have never read a beetle BL, more so drawn by a talented artist […]

#32 – Sanzoku Diary

It’s been a while since I talked about a seinen manga. Not that I’ve turned into a fujoshi purist but I feel like if I start talking seinen manga again, I wouldn’t know where to start or to stop. As it is, my manga reading […]

#31: Canis – Dear Mr. Rain

Satoru Kutsuna’s a young hatter who’s got nothing but love and passion for his craft. Unfortunately, he puts too much of it into his hats that he hardly has the patience to keep some members of his staff. Burdened by his business woes, Satoru walks […]

#30: Nigeru Otoko

I think everyone comes to that point in their life where they just want to run away. It’s tempting, isn’t it? The idea of dropping everything — bills, debts, responsibilities, homework — is such a beautiful thought that it feels like paradise. It must be […]

#29: Smells Like Green Spirit

I had my hesitations in picking up Smells Like Green Spirit. First, it had a tacky title (seriously, it sounds like it attempts to be as cool as the Nirvana song). Second, the cover art for the first volume is odd. I can’t quite place other than “It doesn’t look like a BL title at all!”

Perhaps those signs were telling about how unique this book really is.

#801MMF Review – Koketsu Dining

If Tiger Mask had a BL, it would have been like this. A young man comes to his new home and meets his roommate who wears a tiger mask all day long (and even in his bath!)

#27: Takemitsu Zamurai

Sometimes, it takes a well-paced story and some mad swishes of a brush to make me feel excited over an age old feudal tale. Eifuku Issei and Taiyou Matsumoto’s has a masterpiece with Takemitsu Zamurai.