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Fujojocast No. 14: When Asian Fans Socially Distance because of Cultural Tensions in Fandom

In case you missed the memo, fandom is not a safe place, especially for BIPOC fans. It’s something that we Asian fans have been keenly aware of since our engagement online. It’s something that has been documented by scholars. In the last week, as different […]

Fujojocast #6 – Shipping wars, doujin scanlations, and the IP blocking mess we’re in

Perhaps this is the first “breaking news” podcast I’ve done. Not that this is completely breaking news but it, nonetheless, an interesting development in things that we do in fandom. Last week, there was a bit of a stir when it was made public that […]

Recovering from the awesomeness of BLush 2014

I always say I’m too old for conventions but I guess I’m never too old for Boys’ Love conventions. This year, I took part in another Boys’ Love convention, this time it’s closer to home. Last 3 May 2014, my friends and I organised and […]

For Fandom!!

Again, another interesting thing popped up in my e-mail again. This time, it’s from Laura Hale and she’s co-maintaining a site called fanhistory.com. Now I really thought that it was all for naught, but it seems to be quite an interesting site on the history […]