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    Harry’s Tiger

    When I arrived in Australia, I noticed that rather than hotdogs, people here have meatpies at every corner. I haven’t tasted a meatpie at all so I was curious what kind…

  • home cooking

    It’s a mapo rice kind of day

    I think one of the things that annoys me the most about living abroad is the fact that I live alone and I eat alone. It’s actually annoying to plan meals…

  • experiments Food

    Experiments 003: Mulled Nectarines

    Guys, I confess… I’ve been drinking a bit. When you’re in a country like Australia where there’s lots of wine you just CANNOT take advantage of that. Right now, pantry staples…

  • Food Food trips

    Dinner for transients: Leura Garage

    I’ve been avoiding restaurants in Australia because they are damn expensive. In Sydney, a restaurant can cost around $25-40 dollars on an average. Some even demand reservations. It’s crazy. Even New…

  • Travels

    Leura Fair

    Dragged away from my books, I spend a weekend in Leura. …

  • Blog

    G’day mate!

    Wow… it’s been a while since I’ve really written anything in this blog! I’ve made some kind of effort with the ramen but that kinda didn’t happen. Did it? Anyway, quick…