Survey: Have Filipinos embraced Otaku Culture?

Hello and here I am again with my strange studies. This time, I’m looking at the local community and try to understand what makes Philippine anime fandom. I realized that in order to address some issues on localization etc. in the Philippines, it’s best to understand where fandom stands today. I have looked at old articles but somehow, the way I saw things in conventions I’ve attended, there seems to be something with Filipino fans that make Filipino fans different. I can’t say what I think about it but perhaps I’ll hear what my fellow Filipinos have to say.

I hope my Filipino readers will have the time to read this and I hope that you can spread it among your friends. You have all my love and affection for this!

Anyhu, on to the survey! (If the survey form doesn’t load below, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Survey: Have Filipinos embraced Otaku Culture?”

  • I think what makes us different is… well, I dunno, maybe because some Filipino otaku are so passionate about manga? 

    Okay, so I must admit that not all Filipinos support the work of other Filipinos but there are plenty of those who do. Even Filipinos who do not enjoy reading very much has their own favorite comic books or manga. I’m a highschool student, and most of the boys in my class do not even read books outside school anymore. 😉 But whenever I would bring manga to school they would all be like, “Pahiram naman!” and “Titignan lang namin yung pictures!” and they would all just laugh and make fun of the characters. In the end, they’d end up reading some of the funny parts, although they would do it as a group.

    Haha, I don’t really know what I’m talking about here. 😀

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