Calling all foodies, gourmands, and mangavores for Oishinbo & Food Manga MMF!

Out of all the Manga Moveable Feasts out there, this is probably the only one that’s literally a feast. By that I mean we’ll be talking about food, and if we’re lucky, eat some food!

From May 22 – 27, I will be your host to the diverse flavors and cuisines found in Oishinbo and Food Manga!

This isn’t an MMF feast for the hungry. I’m planning to put up some serious meals and discuss nothing but food with everyone! I’m hoping that at least we can entice readers to discover new food, maybe make readers understand and appreciate what’s on their plate, or make the world more aware how amazing Oishinbo and this genre is!

Oishinbo and Food Manga? That’s a lot, Khursten!

I know it’s a lot, but it’s all right. We can manage, yeah? As it is, there’s not a lot of English-licensed food manga out there. Thus, at the least, I’d like people to start from Oishinbo and head on from there. Those who have other titles and other food manga experiences in mind will be welcomed as well!

But what makes food manga? Simply put, it’s a manga that’s centered around food. It may have a running story line but at the end of the day the people are either talking mostly about how food is made or how a particular restaurant dish tastes like. It’s still a small genre in English but we’re hoping, after this MMF, we can inspire more people to appreciate food manga.

Here’s a run-down of some Food Manga titles in English:

In case I missed anything, do tell me as I may have forgotten some titles here!

But don’t limit yourself to these English titles. Those who have the ability to read Japanese manga may chime in on some titles yet unpublished in English but might be something worth looking at. You’ll never know. Your thoughts on that manga might inspire others to try buying that manga in Japanese and maybe even convince some English manga publishers to license it.

I think these diverse opinions and experiences will make this MMF a lot tastier.

Sounds delicious, but how can we participate?

There’s three easy ways to participate!

1. Oishinbo Cooking

Have you ever been inspired to cook based on what you saw from a food manga? Well, here’s your chance to share that experience with us! Even if it’s just onigiri!

2. Ultimate Menu Challenge

This isn’t about finding the best menu, but it is finding food that you first read in manga! From gyoza to melon pan, share your photos or stories with us because we’d like to see what you’ve been eating thanks to food manga!

3.  Oishinbo Viking

Did a review of a food manga you read about recently? Maybe there’s an essay about food manga that you wish to write? Whatever you fancy, you can submit it to this viking! Vikings, after all, consume whatever they want. Culture Vultures who love manga criticism can take a shot at food manga this month!

Anyhu, if you’re interested in participating in any activity or for other Oishinbo related ideas, please e-mail me at with the e-mail subject of your selected serving (e.g. [OISHINBO VIKING] or [ULTIMATE MENU CHALLENGE]) or [OISHINBO VIKING] if you’re not just sure just place [OISHINBO MMF].

You can also use the hashtags #oishinbommf, #oishinbo, #foodmanga, #mmf in tumblr or twitter if you wish to submit it there! For more details, check out the main archive of the moveable feast!

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