Oishinbo & Food Manga MMF: First Serving

Guys, I’m more than happy to announce that the Oishinbo & Food Manga MMF Feast has begun! \o/

It was a very light start for the feast but since we still have an entire week left, there’s really no rush to start heavy.

For starters, I wrote an appetizer on food manga. Hopefully, once you get an idea of what you guys are getting into, you can also look into the archives of the Oishinbo Viking section. So far, it contains great reviews about various food manga (like Yoshinaga Fumi’s Not love but Delicious Food and the baking awesomeness of Yakitatte!! Japan)

As part of the MMF, I’d like to share with you guys photos of my university’s food manga library. It’s a collection of nothing but food manga and contains thousands of volumes that can leave you hungry. It’s quite diverse, containing old and new titles. For the last few months I’ve actually been reading up on just Oishinbo and that’s just a 100 volumes. Here’s some shots of the comics in the library!

As you guys know, you don’t need to write just reviews or essays for the feast! You are more than welcome to share your own food stories inspired from food manga. You can also tell us your experiments in trying to cook what you’ve read in a comic. I’m accepting entries related to food so do send me your submissions to my email (punkednoodle at gmail) or send a tweet or write a tumble with the hashtag #oishinbommf or #oishinbo. I’ll be stalki… errr… tracking your delicious submissions over the week.

‘Til the next serving!

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