Fujojocast #3 – Holiday Gift Guide & Upcoming Cons

Hi everyone! Fujojocast is back! 😀 YAAAAAAY!

So happy to do another Fujoshicast. This time, my guests are Rotch from Magnetic-rose.net and Blush, Ebichuu making weird sounds and murmurs, and Pirotess from Room801!


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Fujojocast No. 3: Fujoshi Gift Guide for the Holidays

OP: 12 days of Yaoi

Fujoshi Gift Guide 
1. Amazon Gift Card / Sublime 
2. Kobo – Guilt Pleasure Works (I keep on saying Nook but it turns out to be in Kobo!)
3. Pairing Figures
– Hot Toys (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Loki)
– Real Action Hero (Shinji and Kaworu)
– Metal Gear Solid stuff
4. Fandom stuff
Levi Dakimakura
– Gintoki Dakimakura
5. Heichou cleaning package
6. Horse Mask for the Jean fans
7. Capsule figures (Ami Ami)
8. Give them tickets to Yaoi Conventions!

Blush Convention (May 3, 2014, UP Ikeda Hall Convention, Manila Philippines) 
– Blush Anthology Submission Guidelines
– Blush Fan Panels Submission
– Blush Cosplay Competition

Room801 (22-23 February 2014, Y Hotel, Sydney Australia) 
– Events
– Guests

With this podcast, I’m actually quite excited to announce that the podcast is now in itunes!!! You can now listen in on our show in your itunes and get updates and prattlings on anime and manga with fujoshi lenses.

But thank you so much to everyone who has been listening in on Fujojocast! Hope you have a good holidays, fujojo!

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