Fujojocast #5 – Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi Pedal

You gaiz knew this was gonna happen. 

You probably sniffed it when I was talking about too much pedal over at twitter and tumblr. I was so bad at this that I decided to dedicate all my pedal feels in a separate twitter (@pedalbaka

But then again, here I am with my friends Nozmo (@bakemono91), Mickey (@yowamickeypedal), Yeehun (@_yeehun_), and Megumi (@onkeikun) spazzing about this series that has destroyed our lives at the start of the year and continues to do so. We talked about Yowamushi Pedal, Watanabe Wataru’s shounen manga that runs in Shounen Champion. The animation can be seen in parts of the world via Crunchyroll and Niconico Douga

Yowamushi Pedal’s manga is currently at its 34th volume. Because of its length, it remains unlicensed as a manga (wink wink, please look into this crunchyroll). But the fandom, while small, have been pooling their efforts in helping other fans get more pedal in their lives. Megumi has been a resource of information on Watanabe’s autograph signings, interviews, and yowapeda events. She’s also been responsible in translating the novel, specially released manga called Special Bike, and the yowapeda stage play. The fandom also participates in various draw events such as the #ywpd_69min in twitter! 

For fans of the manga, Ebookjapan, Line Manga, Ibooks and Google Books Japan release Yowamushi Pedal digitally on the same day the manga is released in Japan!

In this edition of Fujojocast, we talk about nothing but Yowamushi Pedal: from how I hate Toudou so much that I ate his face in Japan to why we are all singing Hime hime hime, daisuki suki suki hime~.

We are clearly obsessed with this title and with good reason! So if you’re curious and ready to start pedaling with us (WARNING: THERE ARE SOME MILD SPOILERS AHEAD), take your bikes to the starting line and listen to us talk about Yowamushi Pedal! And maybe fangirl with us in our pedal twitters! 

Download here.

OP: Be as One – Team Sohoku
EP: Glory Road – Team Hakogaku

If you wanna join our fangirling, we’re in also ITUNES now, so feel free to subscribe!

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