Manga Futures and Protean Borders in Australia

I’m so excited to tell you guys about this awesome thing happening in my university at the end of this month. In cooperation with Kyoto Seika University’s International Manga Research Center, University of Wollongong is hosting Manga Futures, a conference that discusses various issues surrounding manga and its audiences from Japan and various places around the globe!

The program includes a talk by Keiko Takemiya on the future of manga, Jaqueline Berndt on Manga Studies and Kirsten Cather on Manga in the 21st Century. There are also various talks from experts in manga and otaku studies. Scholars like Patrick Galbraith will speak of the issues surrounding lolita and we even have Ling Yang to talk about the troubles China’s BL fandom. You can read more about it in the program and for those who live in Sydney or New South Wales or Australia, you can register as a guest to listen in all of these amazing talks!! Register as soon as you can as slots are limited! 

In addition to this conference, UOW is also putting up an exhibit called Protean Borders! This exhibit features some of Australia and Japan’s up and coming artists who challenge definitions of manga. It features artists like Sonoko Fukushima and Sookyung Yoo from Kyoto Seika’s IMRC, Japan and the likes of Sydney artists such as Sarah Boxall, Fiona Chor-Kay Chan (Miyukiko), Queenie Chan, Tatiana Davidson, Carolyn Gan (Wrat), Agnieszka Golda & Martin Johnson, Jessica Thomas, and Amei Zhao. The exhibit’s running in UOW’s TAEM Gallery from 24 October – 8 November 2014. If you’ve got time to visit UOW, you’re welcome to check out this exhibit!

And when you DO visit UOW, be sure to send a message and let’s meet up! XD 

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