Room801 is flying mile high this weekend



So the awesomesauce organizers of last year’s awesome yuri and yaoi convention are back and they’re flying mile high for this year’s Room 801!! I am totes excite to spend the weekend with this lovely crew as they’re holding their event on 28-29 March at Holiday Inn, Paramatta! 

You can check the Room 801 schedule here and yes, I’ll be there to give some talks on Fujojosports and Fujoshibait. A great colleague of mine, Thomas Baudinette, will be talking about bara and gei manga. I’m totally excited to hear this as lines are blurred between yaoi, bara, bl, and gei manga in fandom outside of Japan. Kittyhawk will also be there to talk about yuri! There’s also the fun Igiari! Debate, a preview of a DMMD fan game, and a film showing of Free! and Yurikuma Arashi!  

If you’re in town and want to fangirl with us this weekend, feel free to join us! It’s one of the loveliest BL-related events I’ve been in! 

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