Blush Petite in Manila this August

The last few months felt like I went around the world in 90 days. I can never apologise enough for the time I have not been giving this site more so giving this little baby a shout out. That’s right, a mini-version of Blush is coming out this August!

Blush Petite is an interim convention of sorts while we prepare and plan for the actual Blush Convention. This mini-convention is partly ‘half’ of the convention, one that sees what makes things manageable for us to do yearly while we prepare for the big one every two years. So this Blush Petite has everyone’s favourite, Cafe La Vie en Rose, for premium tickets and the artist alley and marketplace for regular tickets. We’re happy to say we got our usual sellers and more in these events and I am VERY happy that our doujin scene is riling up and are getting excited for Blush.

What is not present in this interim con are the panels which we often organise for attendees to have a space to discuss, oggle, and have fun over things related to BL together. This’ll happen in the next year but DON’T WORRY, we’re prepping some fun panels for you guys so look forward to our 2016 con too!

The regular tickets are still on sale, so if you’re free on the 22nd of August, visit Blush in Ikeda Hall, UP from 11:00-6:00 p.m. Don’t forget to buy your tickets beforehand!

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