BLush is at your service this July!

BLush, Philippine’s BL convention, is back for another round of BL fun this coming 9 July 2016!

This year’s con is leveling up with a bigger and badder venue for more BL shenanigans. This year’s theme celebrates the love that comes from loyalty and servitude. I don’t reckon what we were thinking when we thought of this theme, but for sure, you can’t help but think about the lovely images of butlers, chefs, maybe some civil servants, and perhaps some royals.

This year, we’re fortunate to have two special guests: Malaysian illustrator, KiDchan and Thai cosplayer PD. We also have our ragtag of Filipino writers and illustrators to talk boys love. I will also be prattling about boys love, doujinshi, ships and whats not and I’m quite certain we will all be screaming like nutcases at one point during this event. Our butlers from Cafe La Vie en Rose is once again open to serve the loveliest tea while playing silly games with you (and maybe with each other). It’s one happy day filled with BL shenanigans and if I can put you all in my pocket and take you with me, I will.

By the way, if you are planning to attend Blush and you want to sell your warez or have pressing feels about ships or a fandom, applications for the market and fan panels will be open until 9 June 2016. With regards to our panels, our talks have been a mix of histories about BL manga, technologies in BL drama cds, the various sports anime that made our hearts go crazy (or made you ladies scream like crazy), and distinctions between seme and uke. Honestly, you can apply for a 30-minute panel just to talk about how Bakugou makes the best uke ever. Or how tsunderes are the best.

You can purchase your tickets from the Blush website at 300 PHP!

Anyway, I hope to see you all in Blush this year!

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