2016 BL Webcomic Rec List

Whether it’s raining or I’m burning under the summer sun, I will not miss out on this year’s rec list!

The contributions this year are amazing and diverse. I took out some recs  because they’re quite young narratives which still needs some time to brew. For most, well, I did my best to list them down below.

If you’re looking for a steamy summer read, then you can get started with these BL webcomics! 


Breaks (NSFW) 

Every year, there’s always a story about difficulties of queer sexualities. In this case, two young men come to terms with their gender and sexualities and face a clusterfuck of emotions which, I believe, leads towards love. Those who seek for some BL drama will definitely enjoy this almost heartbreaking story. 
Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup 

This series easily lured me with the relationship between an odd professor and a cursed boy. Their relationship as they try to survive a ruined world is quite endearing and engaging. To be honest, this series has hints of BL so I’m not sure if it is. I hope it’s getting there.  
Hendrix and Julian

Hendrix and Julian  (NSFW) 

What starts as a comic about homophobe bullies turns into this almost comedic story about two boys from different positions in life who find something they both shared. I am absurdly drawn towards H&J’s eyelashes and Hendrix is… he reminded me of Yumeno from Smells Like Green Spirit which immediately caught my heart. Also, Hendrix, stop staring at Julian’s ass.
Kid Kupid

Kid Kupid

Folks who bought the Blush Anthology may know of this seductive avenger! Harlotin’s Kid Kupid’s has dangerous pheromones are so irresistible that even the toughest opponent gets easily lured with just a look. Sadly, his hormones don’t work for the only man that matters to him. Well, I’d like to protest otherwise but I’d love to see this tandem happen! 
More than Infinity

More than Infinity

There’s a bit of genius in this title especially when it speaks of a relationship between an artist and a photographer. Camera lenses have certain limits and focusing to infinity entails having your lens focus on the furthest subject it can focus on. More than infinity, while visually raw, works  beyond the limits of these two characters’ as they begin their relationship. 
No End

No End

Finding love in a ruined post-apocalyptic world has proven to be more tragic unless you’re living in the Divergent series (which I hope you’re not living in). The folks of No End don’t have it easy as there are more zombies that get in their way of finding people they could trust. I  personally enjoy how the story brings a ray of hope as characters develop their relationships — both platonic and romantic.  
Magical How 

Magical How

Years of manga reading has taught me that no matter the circumstance, when a mysterious being offers you strange things — JUST SAY NO. That said, Gabe and Booker crosses a magical golf ball (with eyebrows, arms, and a cigar!) named Hal who offers them help in the love department if they take on some magical duties. A transformation sequence after, they set up Team Magical How! This Sparkler comic by Eurika Gho is still in its early stages and while Book(l)er’s mega-dere moment with the barista made my heart flutter, the action-packed series promises to be a magical journey through love in the name of… a golf ball. XD 


Sometimes, all it takes is one question and the right kind of flowers. Fortunately for Ellis, he brought Xander’s favorite flowers when he asked him out for a date. What happens is a couple of adorable pages featuring a  heartwarming romance between two boys who genuinely love each other. 
Romeo and Julien


The title says so much and this modern BL twist on this classic is enjoyable so far. Be warned, not all goes well in the end. I’ll have to get my tissues ready for that. [UPDATE] The lovely author of RomeoXJulien just left a comment below and promises that this they intend to make a comedy of this tragedy. Hence, I’ll put my tissues aside and enjoy this retelling of this classic piece. 
Orange Hickey Dad

Orange Hickey Dad

So………. this Italian chef is driving a young boy insane and his daughter can’t deal. I understand the general feels of this story mostly because I can’t help but feel like trash around a handsome old chef. I GET THIS. PLEASE READ THIS. IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL WITH A BLUSHING OYAJI!!! I CANNOT–!!! 


If I saw a ghost in real life, I would scream and throw salt until it disappears. Unlike me, the gardener in Keezy Young’s Taproot welcomes a ghost who finds love and solace in his kindness. I enjoyed the visual contrast between the real world and the ghost world. The fact that Keezy manages to blend this two worlds so seamlessly is also admirable. 
Choice of Seme

The Choice of Seme (NSFW) 

The title says a lot. There’s a lot of them. Maybe four. I lost count. Maybe it should be retitled as The Choice of Alpha since it seems to be a bit of an omniverse/wolves too. But really, who cares. There’s a lot of them. 
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.46.47 AM

The God in the Field (NSFW) 

This beautiful reimagination of Greek mythology explores the relationship between Hades and Persephone, who has been redrawn as a boy. This story shows Hades abduction of Persephone and how their relationship lead to the change in seasons. Never has this myth looked more beautiful despite its confronting circumstance.
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.49.53 AM

The One Who Loved You From Behind

While most stories take some time (or years) to set things up, this cute tale between Mame and his online boyfrando makes no fuss and goes straight to the cute stuff. His classmate/online boyfrando, Wren, is unaware that his lover is Mame. The story follows Mame’s attempts at restraining himself from revealing to Wren his affection. After all, loving Mame may be a bit difficult given his disability. 
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.52.57 AM

Tied in Red 

I love it when people play with elements as culturally distinct as the red string of fate. In this story, a man wakes up to find his red string tied to another man, well, a younger man, no less. The story is visually raw but the hilarity of the situation is a lovely play on a classic trope. 
 Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.54.27 AM 

The Elduin and Donestian Chronicles (NSFW) 

Two men find each other in the middle of a strong blizzard. They learn their differences and manage to heat up a cold cabin. This medieval fantasy is insanely hot that it’ll never be safe to view at work or at home! The ratio of bare chests per panel is too much for my heart to handle! The story is quite engaging and I’d love to see more of Elduin’s bitch face. 
 I personally enjoyed looking through these stories and I am hopelessly addicted to some. If this list is not enough for you do check the 2012, 2013, and 2015 BL webcomic lists!! 

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