Thanks for your contributions to the 2016 BL Webcomic Rec List!

If you haven’t read the 2016 BL Webcomic Recs, now (or maybe the weekend) is the perfect time to do so!

While I’ve had my list for this year, I was so happy to receive an awesome set of recs from other folks! Thanks to them, we’re still basking in the feels of all these amazing titles. In gratitude, I’m giving one of them a chance to win Mirror, the illustration collection book of Takarai Rihito!

Winning contributor is @PhoenixTerran

With the power of a general online lister, the winner is Ash (@PhoenixTerran) from twitter! He’s been a great supporter of many works and this site for years so it’s great that the fujojo gods are in your favor this year!! Do send me an e-mail (punkednoodle-at-gmail) for your contact deets!!

To everyone who contributed, thank you so much! Let’s continue to track amazing BL webcomics over the next year! Super thanks!

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