Pooling Recs for a  BL Starter Kit List

Asking me what BL to read is like asking me how I like my eggs for breakfast — I’ve got my favourite but I also like changing it up from time to time. Over the years, people have approached me to ask if I have any BL to recommend. I often recommend titles I recently read but given that I’ve read quite a lot of BL in my lifetime, it’s becoming harder to recommend BL titles. I’ve got titles that go back to 1969. I also enjoy all kinds of themes and tropes. I’m never one to turn down an insane idea so I tend to find merit in the unusual. I often tell friends that I’m never the kind of person to ask BL recs but lately, I’ve been thinking, maybe, I should challenge myself to think of one. And hopefully, you can join me in this process too!

Over the next week, I’d like for you to consider 3 to 5 BL titles you would recommend to a friend who’s curious about BL. This may be a friend who has never read BL before. A friend who has but lost that loving feeling along the way. Or a friend who just wants something new.

You’re more than welcome to send me your recommendations either via twitter (@khursten, with the hashtag #801blrec), or send me an e-mail (punkednoodle-at-gmail) with the subject [801BLREC], or leave a comment below. If you’ve got so much feels about these titles, do share why these titles merit your recommendations! I’ll be doing the same thing in a separate post and I’ll be sharing a podcast as well on this matter. I think more than my blabbing, I’d love to hear what titles you think are worth recommending!

As a reward for your thoughts, I’ll be giving away BL care packages to the top 2 contributors. This BL care package contains BL goodies and books gathered from Japan, some doujinshi, as well as some prizes from Blush Con and Aarinfantasy!

So, when you have a list ready, do let me know! I’m taking recs until 9 September!

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