Fujojocast #10: Building a BL starter kit!

Honto Yajuu vol. 8


So I posted last weekend about pooling people’s recs for a BL starter kit! If you’ve got a few titles in mind, that’s great! Let me know about it! 

However, if you’re still thinking how to go about it, let Airin, Maija, and I help you build a criteria for your BL starter kit! In this podcast, we share our thoughts on BL titles we think is accessible for curious readers! It may have been recorded last year but I think our selection still holds! Listen in and I hope it inspires you to rec for the BL Starter Kit! 

OP/Insert: Spicy Marmalade by Bad Luck
ED: Shining Collection by Nittle Grasper

Airin’s list

Est Em’s Ultras
Takarai Rihito’s Seven Days
Junko’s Kasa no Shita, Futari
Ogeretsu Tanaca’s Renai Rubi wo Tadashiikata

Maija’s list

Homerun Ken’s I want to become your bird
Est Em’s Red Blinds the Foolish
Nakamura Asumiko‘s  Doukyuusei

Khursten’s List

Yuki Shimizu Love Mode
Saburo Nagai’s Smells Like Green Spirit
Yamamoto Kotetsuko‘s works (Chunchun ga Chun, Honto Yajuu, etc.)

Honorable Mentions

Kumota Haruko’s Itoshi no Nekokke
Yuzuha Ougi’s Darling
Sakurai Shushushu’s Vibrator Company
CJ Michalski’s Chintsubu

As always, all my love and thanks to Airin and Maija. If you are Finnish and you love BL, please visit their awesome website Fujoshiluola!! 

If you have your BL Starter Kit recs ready, do leave a comment here and you might have a chance to win a BL care package from me!! 

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