Did they say a BL party on 801!?!

From Harada’s Happy Kuso Life
Hey folks. How are you doing?
This new normal has certainly left the introvert in me happy but the lockdown has certainly made me miss some of the fun things I do outside my home. Like walking around a green campus. Having a leisurely cup of coffee while sharing a cake with friends. And of course, conventions. 
Virtual conventions (or even conferences) are just not good enough. This year, one of our local BL cons in Manila, BLush, had to cancel because of COVID-19. It could have been an awesome convention given that for the first time in years, the calendars aligned and we were FINALLY hosting it on 801. Quite a number of people were excited about the convention, however, they had to replan the event for the safety of everyone involved. 
Interestingly, virtual conventions are a thing now but given the reliability of internet connections in Manila, the people of BLush decided to hold a virtual hashtag party instead. From July 27 until August 1, @BlushCon will be launching a set of activities for BL fans in Manila all over the globe. Even when the world robbed us the opportunity to squee together, the folks at BLush feel that we still deserve a decent 801 party online. And I am TOTALLY up for that. 
So, what happens? 
During this week, follow @BLushCon and they’ll be releasing some activities for everyone under the hashtag #BLush801. If you’re an artist, there’s a fun activity to do. If you’re just a fan of boys love, there’s something for you too! And this event is open to fans of all iterations of boys love–from danmei, ThaiBL, BL manhwa and of course BL in Japan! 
Over here at Otaku Champloo, I’ll also be writing some articles just to contribute to this BLush801 party! I’ve also got some more surprises for everyone especially towards the actual 801 weekend!
So please join us in this #BLush801 party!  

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