The gift of BL on #Blush801

From Welcome to BL Research by Haruta
Today would have been the Blush Convention. For years, as organisers, we’ve sought to find ways to hold the con as close to 801 yet schedules fail to align until this year. There were some exciting things that could have happened. We would have had Kumota Haruko as our first BL manga artist as guest! Our array of speakers would have helped us squee over our favourite ships and series in the last year. 
That said there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. The new normal has kept us apart but I’m genuinely happy that we are all celebrating it one way or another through our virtual hashtag party #Blush801. 
And in the spirit of fun and giveaways that we usually do in the con, I’m happy to giveaway 5 one month subscriptions to Futekiya! I’ll be giving it to three BL fans in the Philippines and two BL fans outside of the Philippines. These fans MUST also have active paypal accounts. 
How will you get to have a chance for this price? Here’s the mechanics. 
In a comment below, name three Futekiya titles that you are looking forward to reading and why you want to read them. You can check the list of Futekiya titles here. Let me know where you’re from too by placing which country you’re from.
Is it that easy? Yes! It’s that easy! 
All entries must be given before the 11:59 August 1 GMT +8. I’ll announce the winners the next day. 
So let me know the titles you’d like to try below while I share my own recs on August 1!! 

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11 thoughts on “The gift of BL on #Blush801”

  • Hi I’m from the US
    Definitely want to read BL research Club, Tea Cup boy – both are on my list on Renta so I’m happy I get to read it here now! and Uemura is a good boy, I heard really good things about that one!

  • Hello, and happy 801! I’m from the USA. Three (out of many) titles I would love to read are:
    1. Uemura is a Good Boy by Megane
    A few of my friends have been recommending this title to me and I’d love to finally be able to read it and talk about it with them! I absolutely love older uke and younger seme relationships as well, so I’d love to see how their relationship plays out. Of course, the spiciness rating is enticing as well… 👀
    2. Konekokawa and Koinumaru by hal
    I was really drawn to the art style when I first saw this title, it is really beautiful! I also really enjoyed the sample chapter and think it has a really sweet story. 💖
    3. Sweet Beast by Suji
    I read the sample chapter for this one a while back and loved it! It’s spicy and hilarious and the same time and I’d love to continue reading it.
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! Stay safe and have a happy Yaoi Day! 😊

  • Hello, thank you for doing this. I’m from Brazil. It’s hard to choose 3 titles only, but by far the ones I want to read the most are:
    1. A House Near The Station With A Wizard
    The art is cute and i love BL stories that mix fantasy and real world stuff!
    2.Love Blooms for a Twisted Blossom
    I love childhood friends and love triangles, so its an easy pick for me!
    3.Welcome! To the BL Research Club
    It seems very dumb and funny and I love stories like that ahahhaa.
    Thank you very much for doing this.

  • Hello Helloo ! I’m from PH and one of Dr. Khrusten’s biggest fans.
    Okayy so 3 titles that I look forward to reading are;;
    1. One Room Angel by Harada
    – I have been really curious about this title given that it has received a lot of awards. I heard and read a lot of good things about this title. And the tag “Shounen ai” under Harada’s name does not happen often so I wonder how she executes this genre. I know this isn’t available on futekiya just yet, but as soon as it’s up and completed, I’ll be sure to subscribe by then.
    2. My Little Inferno by Asada Nemui
    – I was able to read a few other titles by Asada Nemui and they have been very — thought provoking. And I like my occasional dose of dark themes in BL.
    3. Young Bad Education by Dayoo
    – This has been on my to read list since seeing it being available on futekiya. A few of my friends have recommended me to read this and also seen Khrusten recommend this title often. I haven’t ready other titles by Dayoo just yet so this will be my first. Also, the dynamic of older uke – younger seme piques my fancy

  • Thank you for having this giveaway! I’m from the Philippines 😀 If I had to choose only three titles from futekiya,

    – God is Probably Left-handed by Mushiba
    I think I saw this while browsing manga titles on Amazon years ago? I remember the cover very well! Tbh I don’t usually go beyond reading the tags for titles I’m curious about (I’d rather dive right in and trust my feels to the mangaka hahah), but “reversible couples” and “gangsters” as tags? 👌👌🔥

    – Shinjuku Lucky Hole by Kumota Haruko
    Another manga with those two as themes ♡ Kumota-sensei wrote one of my favorite non-sports anime, so if there’s a story I’d willingly walk into blind it’d be any of hers. I’d go for all if I can ;;;

    – Whimsical Jaguar by Unohana
    I think I remember seeing this before in Chill-chill’s Awards. I’ve heard a lot of praise for Unohana, but I haven’t read anything from her yet so I think this would be a good starting point! (Plus points because the guy on the cover looks like Yashiro lol half-jk)

    Happy 801 day Dr. Khursten and BLush!! It’s really sad that the con had to be cancelled but we appreciate all your efforts nonetheless💕 Hope you guys stay safe~

  • Hi from the UK! I have loved BL since 2010 or so. I really love Futekiya’s mission.
    I would really look forward to reading:

    – The Dream of the Cuckoos by Tamekou
    I love Tamekou’s art style which I found through Twitter, which then led me to buy Genderless Danshi and try to translate it before it was officially licensed in English. I also heard you talk about this one with Emma on the Fujojocast podcast and it sounded really intriguing. So I would love to read this one!

    – Link and Ring by Yuruco Tsuyuki
    I like that it’s set in a university instead of high school. The art style looks really nice too. I met my fiance at university in Tokyo, so I kind of resonate with this story.

    – Faded Picture Scroll by Awairo Emaki
    The art style is SO cute and the main two seem to be full of personality. It seems like a typical shounen manga adventure I would read as a teenager, except the main two must end up together. SO CUTE

    Thank you for this kind giveaway! Have a good day!

  • Hi! I’m from Canada. I look forward to reading…
    1. Everyone Stand Up! Boys Love Private High School
    … Because other works by this author have made me cry before.
    2. Whimsical Jaguar
    … Because I read the first chapter and was really impressed
    3. The Beast and I
    … Because animal ears are cute

  • Hello, I’m from India! I’ve been reading mangas since a couple of years ago but only in the past 2 years did I discover the genre BL.
    3 titles that I’m looking forward to reading from the futekiya library are :

    1. I Didn’t Mean to Fall In Love by Suzumaru Minta : Read the first chapter and was sucked in by the artwork. Not to mention how cute I found Mr. Kiritani. Makes you want to protect him!

    2. Golden Sparkle by Suzumaru Minta : Another one by Suzumaru Minta! I love high school tropes! High school boys falling in love… yes yes! Also loved how cute and naive Himari is. Protect!

    3. Simplified Pervert Romance by Semori Nanako: Umm… yeah… masochist… the word pulled me in! Haven’t read or seen any comic with a masochist so I’m very intrigued!

    Thank You for organising this giveaway! Happy Yaoi Day!

  • Hello, Dr. Khursten! I’m Bee from the Philippines and also one of your followers on Twitter.

    1. Love Awakening x Syndrome
    If it’s Machida Tomato, count me in! I loved the art on One-sided Love x Alliance so I’m pretty stoked about this one!

    2. The Love Of Calendula
    Fuyushirazu no Koi! I’m very happy to find this on the list of futekiya, and would love to read it again. I discovered the manga when I was browsing 👀👀👀 the BL section of Animate Taipei. Feels like a lifetime ago! The cover was what really enticed me and became an instant fan of Hiroko Natsuno. I’ve been hooked on their other works ever since.

    3. The Incubus’ Pet Slave
    Yes, I indulge in smut once in a while. It would be a lie if I say I don’t. ✌️😋 I’m always on the lookout for new “steamy” stories to enjoy, and just recently, this was a recommended read by a fanartist I met in BLushCon.

  • Hi! I’m from the PH and these are the titles I want to read.

    Link and Ring by Tsuyuki Yuroco – Someone I follow put this down on their recommendations some time last year and I’ve been wanting to read it since. The cover art looks really tender and it caught my eye when I tried looking for it, plus I tend to like the things she recommends so I’m really looking forward to reading this one.

    Elevator Strategy by Haruyuki – The premise sounds ridiculous and hilarious. Not gonna lie the spicy rating also looks very promising.

    I Didn’t Mean to Fall In Love by Suzumaru Minta – Just based on the summary, this manga has a lot of trope that I really really love. Fubu to lovers dynamic? Check. Older, inexperienced bottom? Check. Chaotic, delinquent-like, younger top? CHECK. I need to read this.

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