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My favourite manga reads in 2016

My favourite manga reads in 2016

  2016. What a year. It’s been a tough year for many of us and personally, it was a challenging one. I was so busy with the last stretch of my dissertation that I hardly read any manga at all! When things finally slowed down […]

10 awesomesauce manga from 2015

2015 came and went so fast and I feel like I haven’t read enough manga. OTL. More like, I feel like I haven’t written much about the manga I read in the last year. I remember making a call for more josei this year but […]

Favorite Manga Reads for 2014

2014 was a very busy year for me. The bulk of my research was done during this year and in terms of manga reading, I actually spent more time catching up or reading manga related to my research more than reading all the new manga […]

13 awesome manga for 2013

I’d like to think that I read a lot this year but I’m not exactly sure if I did. In the last year I’ve been gorging on texts that I think I had around forty books, mostly academic, in my bibliography. Was there time for […]

2012 manga were awesomesauce

Wow. What a year. As compared to last year, 2012 was good to me — very good to me. However, because it was good to me, it also meant it ate my time. Lots of my time. Particularly, my champloo and manga reading time. In […]