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My favourite manga reads in 2016

  2016. What a year. It’s been a tough year for many of us and personally, it was a challenging one. I was so busy with the last stretch of my dissertation that I hardly read any manga at all! When things finally slowed down […]

10 awesomesauce manga from 2015

2015 came and went so fast and I feel like I haven’t read enough manga. OTL. More like, I feel like I haven’t written much about the manga I read in the last year. I remember making a call for more josei this year but […]

38. Sayonara, Sorcier

There was a time when nobody knew who Vincent Van Gogh was. Nowadays, everybody knows about him. And in different versions too (like the Dr. Who Van Gogh or the Cumberbatch Van Gogh). Most representations of Van Gogh show this miserable soul whose art was […]

37. Zucca x Zuca

Oh! Funky Sunshine~~!! Zucca x Zuca by Haruna Lemon is possibly the best manga for Takarazuka 101!

Manga Resolution for 2015: All about Josei

As I was writing down my favourite reads of last year, I sat back and wondered, how much attention did I give to josei that year? I remember writing last year about the silence on josei but did I even make an effort to tackle […]

36. In Clothes Called Fat

I knew exactly what the book was going to talk about and I wanted to see how Moyoco Anno would pull off this fragile title about women and their body issues. There’s brutal honesty In Clothes Called Fat. I wasn’t ready to see that in a manga.

Winners for #whatiateyesterday

A week came like a whirlwind, didn’t it? But I had so much fun eating and cooking these meals, as well as seeing everyone’s awesome meals that I am full to the brim!  Anyway, I’m happy to announce the winners and random.org was helpful in […]

What Did I Eat Yesterday: Earl Grey Sherbet

When I saw this recipe, I didn’t hesitate to make it. If you love tea and sherbets, Shiro’s dessert is an awesome treat without breaking a sweat! 

What Did I Eat Yesterday: Green Peas Rice and Chicken Mushroom in Tomato Sauce

  When I first started blogging about cooking meals from What Did You Eat Yesterday, someone was telling me about how he just can’t have the time or the chance to cook it because the ingredients were hard to find. I suppose that raised the […]

What Did I Eat Yesterday: Banana with Yoghurt and Honey

Yesterday was such an odd morning because it started out as a really hot day and so I prepared a really cold breakfast I learned from What Did I East Yesterday. I was hoping this breakfast would keep me cool, but as soon as the […]