Food trips

While everyone had set meals…

I ate Jamaican Patties at home. There’s not a day that passed by with me regretting what I did not attend to because of some work I’m doing which I have not been paid for yet. ><;; Oh well, that afternoon was spent with a really lovely Cheesy Beefy Jamaican patty. :3 I guess I’m partially okay. I think.

I always wondered what’s inside these things. Seriously, it’s sludge. But it’s the tastiest sludge I’ve ever tasted. I can’t distinguish the beef from the chicken. All I know is Pinatubo is nice and spicy and Express is spicy enough for my mom to enjoy. For a moment I thought of recreating this Jamaican Patty at home but then I thought, there are some things that are best left unexplored. Jamaican Patties are all about the mystery filling, don’t you think?

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    February 6, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    havent tried a cheesy jamaican patty yet

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