Hoping for better days

It’s my birthday today.

And I was hoping to write down an awesome post about the exciting new wave in BL only to find it inappropriate after last weekend’s disaster. While Japan is a good sea away from my country, the past few years have brought me closer and closer to Japan. What was once just a geographical existence, Japan eventually turned into a home for friends, colleagues, and inspirations. I was there last year and it felt like a surreal home hence my heart was crushed when I saw the waves flush out homes along the coast.

It had been difficult for the past few days but I’m quite surprised that the Japanese are resilient and are moving forward. Our Japan office is up and kicking and so are our favorite mangaka and other entertainment folks. Last night, and still to this morning, some of my favorite artists like Naoki Urasawa, Natsume Ono, and other artists in Morning started drawing images of hope.

We just called our Japanese office and it seems that the tremors have not stopped. They said that they have been given a three day warning for the next big earthquake which might be at 7.0 magnitude. Even as they told us this story, they still sounded like a cheery lot and is waiting for better days to come ahead. I’m really astounded and inspired by their courage hence, like the mangakas from morning, がんばって日本!

If you wish to donate for the calamity victims in Japan, feel free to donate at The Nippon Foundation’s CanPan Tsunami fund.

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