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10 awesomesauce manga from 2015

2015 came and went so fast and I feel like I haven’t read enough manga. OTL. More like, I feel like I haven’t written much about the manga I read in the last year. I remember making a call for more josei this year but […]

37. Zucca x Zuca

Oh! Funky Sunshine~~!! Zucca x Zuca by Haruna Lemon is possibly the best manga for Takarazuka 101!

Winners for #whatiateyesterday

A week came like a whirlwind, didn’t it? But I had so much fun eating and cooking these meals, as well as seeing everyone’s awesome meals that I am full to the brim!  Anyway, I’m happy to announce the winners and random.org was helpful in […]

What Did I Eat Yesterday: Earl Grey Sherbet

When I saw this recipe, I didn’t hesitate to make it. If you love tea and sherbets, Shiro’s dessert is an awesome treat without breaking a sweat! 

What Did I Eat Yesterday: Green Peas Rice and Chicken Mushroom in Tomato Sauce

  When I first started blogging about cooking meals from What Did You Eat Yesterday, someone was telling me about how he just can’t have the time or the chance to cook it because the ingredients were hard to find. I suppose that raised the […]

What Did I Eat Yesterday: Banana with Yoghurt and Honey

Yesterday was such an odd morning because it started out as a really hot day and so I prepared a really cold breakfast I learned from What Did I East Yesterday. I was hoping this breakfast would keep me cool, but as soon as the […]

Celebrating ‘What Did You Eat Yesterday’

I’m not exactly sure if you guys know but I love Yoshinaga Fumi’s What Did You Eat Yesterday? LIKE WHOA. By that I mean it’s a book staple that won’t disappear from my bookshelf for many reasons other than it’s a Yoshinaga Fumi manga. I’ve […]

St. Oniisan has more to give for Japan

St. Oniisan has more to give for Japan

The spirit of giving hasn’t disappeared in Japan and now Nakamura Hikaru’s is putting up five St. Oniisan (Saint Young Men) postcards for auction. She’s giving away postcards of Buddha, Jesus, Brahma, Lucifer, the Archangels, and the first disciples. I find this offer rather nice […]

Spotlight: Nakamura Asumiko

Spotlight: Nakamura Asumiko

I believe I’ve been told by one of my advisers that I shouldn’t write something that I’m obsessed about. Bias, after all, is one of the greatest sins in historical writing. It’s like a painted picture where everything is all right or all wrong and […]

Hoping for better days

It’s my birthday today. And I was hoping to write down an awesome post about the exciting new wave in BL only to find it inappropriate after last weekend’s disaster. While Japan is a good sea away from my country, the past few years have […]