Thank you for #Blush801!

It’s nice to have a holiday for boys love

The gift of BL on #Blush801

  Today would have been the Blush Convention. For years, as organisers, we’ve sought to find ways to hold the con as close to 801 yet schedules fail to align until this year. There were some exciting things that could have happened. We would have […]

Did they say a BL party on 801!?!

This new normal should not stop us from celebrating boys love culture! So join us celebrate BL this 801 with #BLush801

On the Bitches of Boys Love: the pornographic response of Japan’s rotten women

Who knew that one day I will write an academic article which made me read quite a lot of nasty boys love manga. But that is life.

Pooling Recs for a  BL Starter Kit List

Asking me what BL to read is like asking me how I like my eggs for breakfast — I’ve got my favourite but I also like changing it up from time to time. Over the years, people have approached me to ask if I have […]

Thanks for your contributions to the 2016 BL Webcomic Rec List!

If you haven’t read the 2016 BL Webcomic Recs, now (or maybe the weekend) is the perfect time to do so! While I’ve had my list for this year, I was so happy to receive an awesome set of recs from other folks! Thanks to […]

It’s time for the 2016 BL webcomic roll call

Yes gaiz. It’s almost August. If you stalk me well enough, you know that August is the time when this site goes crazy. This year, it’ll be wilder for reasons that I will only reveal on the 801.  For now, I’m calling all you fujoshi […]

BLush is at your service this July!

BLush, Philippine’s BL convention, is back for another round of BL fun this coming 9 July 2016! This year’s con is leveling up with a bigger and badder venue for more BL shenanigans. This year’s theme celebrates the love that comes from loyalty and servitude. […]

Winners for 801BLRec!

People have spoken and has done the hard work of pick out the winners. Congratulations to PotatoeOverlord, Trenna Schram, and Kawaii_Mess!! If you guys won and want to claim your prize, send me an e-mail and let’s talk about how I get some BL […]

Calling for recs for the 2015 BL Webcomic Rec List

SO! Another year has passed. What happened to 2014? I was doing research shenanigans and I missed celebrating 801 as well as updating this lovely BL list. That made this fujojo sad so I’m making up for it this 2015 and to get the party […]