Blush Petite in Manila this August

The last few months felt like I went around the world in 90 days. I can never apologise enough for the time I have not been giving this site more so giving this little baby a shout out. That’s right, a mini-version of Blush is […]

Room801 is flying mile high this weekend

  So the awesomesauce organizers of last year’s awesome yuri and yaoi convention are back and they’re flying mile high for this year’s Room 801!! I am totes excite to spend the weekend with this lovely crew as they’re holding their event on 28-29 March […]

Nakamura Asumiko’s Doukyuusei (Classmates) is getting an anime!

So good things happened yesterday and one of which was this announcement that A-1 pictures, the studio behind Persona and Utapuri are animating Nakamura Asumiko’s Doukyuusei series! You can check the official anime page too!

Manga and the Mangaesque: Women’s Manga Conference in Manila

A new year just started and it’s already quite hectic! For those in Manila, did you guys know that there’s a Manga conference happening in Manila? Manga scholars from all over the globe (from Fusami Ogi, Jaqueline Berndt, James Welker, etc.) as well as artists […]

The Dangerous BL of 2015

It’s awesome to start the new year with some BL and I’m more than happy to share to you the list of most dangerous BL in 2015 from Kono BL ga Yabai!

Manga Futures and Protean Borders in Australia

I’m so excited to tell you guys about this awesome thing happening in my university at the end of this month. In cooperation with Kyoto Seika University’s International Manga Research Center, University of Wollongong is hosting Manga Futures, a conference that discusses various issues surrounding […]

Harlequin Japan’s new BL line starts with “Roomate” and Ranryouou

I’m actually writing this out of massive fangirling for Nakamura Asumiko and silent weeping that I can’t enjoy these lovely covers in their English editions. Today, Harlequin Japan announced that they’re starting a new BL line called Harlequin Lovesick which focuses on the translation and […]

Recovering from the awesomeness of BLush 2014

I always say I’m too old for conventions but I guess I’m never too old for Boys’ Love conventions. This year, I took part in another Boys’ Love convention, this time it’s closer to home. Last 3 May 2014, my friends and I organised and […]

This Fujojo will be in Room801!

Hallo Fujoshi and Fudanshi! This weekend is gonna be aaaawwwweeeesooooomesauce! I’m so excited to attend Room 801, Australia’s Yaoi and Yuri Con this weekend! Is this my fate to attend awesome BL cons? Maybe I’ll make it my mission to attend all the BL-related conventions […]

Natsume Ono and Rensuke Oshikiri Drawing Exchange

Comic Natalie releases another set of videos in their features section, Power Push. This time they tasked Natsume Ono and Rensuke Oshikiri to draw some illustrations of each other’s characters and wow… well… it’s always nice to see you favourite artists at work? Well there’s […]