Adachi returns to Meisei 26 years after Touch

While this may be old news, it’s still a thrill to see the illustrations for Adachi Mitsuru’s new title in Gessan called Mix. What’s awesome about this is it’s in many ways a sequel to Touch but since it’s happening 26 years after Tacchan’s Koushien win, it’s impossible that it is fully a sequel. Perhaps you can say that it’s part of the “Meisei” universe… those kind of things.

I can’t say much about this title as I have not read it yet. But Comic Natalie speculates that these two are brothers. I’m not so hot about this whole brotherly thing since I’m still affected by the shenanigans in Touch. However, I am more pleased that it looks like a catcher-pitcher team. At least I don’t have to worry about anyone dying. >_>) Soon. I dunno, there’s always someone who dies in an Adachi Mitsuru title.

This title’s running in Gessan starting this month in celebration of Gessan’s 3rd year anniversary. Is it me or Gessan’s the hip cool place for awesome new shounen titles?

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