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It’s time for the 2016 BL webcomic roll call

Yes gaiz. It’s almost August. If you stalk me well enough, you know that August is the time when this site goes crazy. This year, it’ll be wilder for reasons that I will only reveal on the 801.  For now, I’m calling all you fujoshi […]

Calling for recs for the 2015 BL Webcomic Rec List

SO! Another year has passed. What happened to 2014? I was doing research shenanigans and I missed celebrating 801 as well as updating this lovely BL list. That made this fujojo sad so I’m making up for it this 2015 and to get the party […]

Fujojocast #6 – Shipping wars, doujin scanlations, and the IP blocking mess we’re in

Perhaps this is the first “breaking news” podcast I’ve done. Not that this is completely breaking news but it, nonetheless, an interesting development in things that we do in fandom. Last week, there was a bit of a stir when it was made public that […]

Recovering from the awesomeness of BLush 2014

I always say I’m too old for conventions but I guess I’m never too old for Boys’ Love conventions. This year, I took part in another Boys’ Love convention, this time it’s closer to home. Last 3 May 2014, my friends and I organised and […]

Jump History and Fujoshi (4): Move aside Son Goku, it’s all about Rukawa x Hiei x Kenshin. TOTALLY!

1990 to 1994 can be considered by many as one of the strongest periods of Jump. The title that carried this period was an epic intergalactic superhuman masterpiece named Dragon Ball Z. It was so popular that no one in this world could not have […]

Jump History and Fujoshi (3): Men and their Poses and Cosmos

For this round, we have to remember something: the girls follow where the pretty boys are. By the time our dear Fujoshi’s have been hooked line and sinker with Captain Tsubasa, they found themselves regularly reading Jump. During Jump’s heroic age, wherein most heroes had […]

Jump History and Fujoshi (2): Captain Tsubasa love

1980 to 1984 marked great development and diversity in Jump. The second part of the WSJ Illustrated Guide would probably tell you more about the growth of the magazine and the rise of its future mangaka superstars. On our end, this period is monumental. Why? […]

Axis power crack, anyone? With yonkomas too!

Rarely do I feature doujins because of their apparent inaccessibility. However, a WebComi doujin shouldn’t be so bad. For my first WebComi doujin feature, I present… Hetaria!. My friend Anne, gave a link in her journal on what she said to be was CountryxCountry slash. […]