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What Did I Eat Yesterday: Green Peas Rice and Chicken Mushroom in Tomato Sauce

  When I first started blogging about cooking meals from What Did You Eat Yesterday, someone was telling me about how he just can’t have the time or the chance to cook it because the ingredients were hard to find. I suppose that raised the […]

What Did I Eat Yesterday: Banana with Yoghurt and Honey

Yesterday was such an odd morning because it started out as a really hot day and so I prepared a really cold breakfast I learned from What Did I East Yesterday. I was hoping this breakfast would keep me cool, but as soon as the […]

Celebrating ‘What Did You Eat Yesterday’

I’m not exactly sure if you guys know but I love Yoshinaga Fumi’s What Did You Eat Yesterday? LIKE WHOA. By that I mean it’s a book staple that won’t disappear from my bookshelf for many reasons other than it’s a Yoshinaga Fumi manga. I’ve […]

Digital Reads: Crunchyroll’s Manga Experience

  I think there’s some of us who felt that a part of us died when Jmanga announced that they’re closing shop. I really liked Jmanga and I enjoyed the convenience of their service. But as with things digital, the idea that what I own […]

#23: Sukitte Ii Na Yo by Kanae Hazuki

Sukitte Ii na yo (Say “I Love you”) by Kanae Hazuki Serialized in Dessert Published by Kodansha We’ve read this story before. The girl who can’t trust anyone and the guy who tries to bring her faith back in humanity. Kanae Hazuki’s Sukitte Ii Na […]

2012 manga were awesomesauce

Wow. What a year. As compared to last year, 2012 was good to me — very good to me. However, because it was good to me, it also meant it ate my time. Lots of my time. Particularly, my champloo and manga reading time. In […]

#21 – Beck by Harold Sakuishi

Beck by Harold Sakuishi Serialized in Monthly Shounen Magazine Published by Kodansha and Tokyopop If there’s a manga can transmit sound, then Beck‘s that title. You don’t even need to hear the music itself. The panels alone can cause a riot. For a good long […]

Oishinbo MMF: 7 Unlicensed Food Manga Worth Looking At

This was a difficult set to write because it was difficult to whittle down the list to seven. This week/month, I’ve been reading various food manga and here are the seven titles that I enjoyed… right now. I have a feeling that if I read […]