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MMF: Becoming Oishinbo

The first chapter of Oishinbo shows Tozai News’ attempt in finding the journalist for their upcoming ‘Ultimate Menu’ feature in their magazine. They’ve lined up their employees in a dining hall and presented them with a tray containing 3 glasses of water and 3 bowls […]

Oishinbo & Food Manga MMF: Second Course

The second course in a full course dinner often involves soup. And while we’re not serving some soups for this course, we have yet another light serving of readings for the MMF today! It’s quite an interesting lot. I’ve cooked up Beef Garlic Rice while […]

MMF: Oishinbo Cooking: Beef Garlic Rice Bowl

With the countless amount of recipes in Oishinbo, it was a difficult task to sort what food to cook. All of them looked appetizing. Most of them read like they’re the greatest dish we could ever taste! And there are some that have flavors we […]

MMF: Spotlight: Oishinbo

The first time I entered an izakaya (Japanese pub) in Manila, I was quite surprised that they had a small bookshelf filled with manga. Back then, I was appalled that they didn’t have Prince of Tennis or Naruto but they did have a treasure trove of classic […]

Oishinbo & Food Manga MMF: First Serving

Guys, I’m more than happy to announce that the Oishinbo & Food Manga MMF Feast has begun! \o/ It was a very light start for the feast but since we still have an entire week left, there’s really no rush to start heavy. For starters, […]

MMF: Oishinbo & Food Manga, an appetizer

Japanese food is a mystery for many. We are perplexed by the vulgarity of eating raw fish but at the same time we wonder how croquettes (korokke) and curries (kare-) are part of their cuisine. Japan is where hamburgers are best as hamburgs and fast […]

Calling all foodies, gourmands, and mangavores for Oishinbo & Food Manga MMF!

Out of all the Manga Moveable Feasts out there, this is probably the only one that’s literally a feast. By that I mean we’ll be talking about food, and if we’re lucky, eat some food! From May 22 – 27, I will be your host […]