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Oishnbo MMF: The Final Dish & Oishinbo Legacy

I feel like this week came and went and as I wrote my last few articles, I really hadn’t realized that the week was almost over. I actually thought that I had written so much (many of them have been written prior to MMF), but […]

Oishinbo MMF: 7 Unlicensed Food Manga Worth Looking At

This was a difficult set to write because it was difficult to whittle down the list to seven. This week/month, I’ve been reading various food manga and here are the seven titles that I enjoyed… right now. I have a feeling that if I read […]

Oishinbo MMF: A pancake from a loving granddaughter

I’m not a dessert person. AT ALL. Thus, as much as I’d like to try all these amazing desserts in Oishinbo, I know I will be bound for failure. But I did recognize that my meaty offerings of beef and bacon might not be to […]

Oishinbo MMF: The Sixth Course of Bread,Spaghetti, and Green Tea?

It’s been a busy day yesterday and I apologize for not compiling the summary any sooner. Despite this, I’m more than pleased that not a lot of people lost heart and still continued to submit to the feast! For this course, I’ve taken a look […]

Oishinbo MMF: Orientalizing Oishinbo

In a dinner where Japan’s most elite gathered to discuss Tozai News’ plan for the Ultimate Menu, most men proclaimed that the most luxurious cuisine, there the most ultimate menu in the world is French. Each man was not short of giving their compliment on […]

Oishinbo MMF: The Fifth course of curry and more

I was a little worried that there wasn’t going to be any post today because I decided to take a break due to bad eyestrain last night. Fortunately, the community didn’t disappoint and still gave me a slew of posts to share with you! Thank […]

Oishinbo MMF: The Main Course with Bacon!

Wow, today kind of made up for our light courses. Folks in the community have been riling up and are giving it their all for this MMF! Hopefully, I don’t miss any of them! We wouldn’t want to keep you hungry, yeah? At our homebase, […]

Oishinbo MMF: Manga Foodie Podcast

Put four mangavores (Ed Chavez, Erin Finnegan, Noah Fulmor, and myself) in a show talking about food manga, Japan’s foodie culture, and the future of food manga and you’ll definitely have another batshit crazy edition of Mangacast and Ninjaconsultant shenanigans. I greatly apologize for some […]

MMF: Oishinbo Cooking: Bacon Nabe

Guys, what’s not good without bacon? We all know how everything tastes better with bacon and even Oishinbo recognized this fact! When Kurita’s grandmother was getting suspicious of her friend’s disappearances, she asks Kurita to investigate what her friend was up to. They ended up […]

Oishinbo MMF: A Vegan Amuse Bouche?

Midway through the week and don’t you think it’s time for an amuse bouche? While I live down south, I’m starting to have a better grasp of American time, posting these with absolutely no idea what day it is for most of my readers. So, […]