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Spotlight: Naoki Urasawa

Spotlight: Naoki Urasawa

Having consumed manga for years, I’ve grown to like some authors a little more than the others. When this happens I go into a mad frenzy, reading as much as I could about the author and try to see  if he has grown as an […]

Distracted by Urasawa’s Billy Bat

I can’t get it out of my system. I’m compelled to spazz. Three weeks ago,  Morning announced that they’ll be bringing a set of new titles for magazine, the first of which was a story named Billy Bat written by Naoki Urasawa. The story, as […]

Facing the bakemonos of manga

Facing the bakemonos of manga

A friend of mine recently asked me to write something about manga for a national broadsheet, the Manila Bulletin. Instead of shocking kids with my rabid fujoshi fangirlings, I decided to take the safe route and explored the different aspects of monsters seen in manga. […]

Cast for 20th Century Boys out!!

Oh god! Yuecchi! Arigatou for the tip! XD

Pluto feature film?

*fangirls* Okay. I have to breathe here for a second. In between waiting for Gundam 00 fansites to load, I was reading Frederick Schodt’s interview in Newsarama. There is this line in this interview that just totally blew me away (among others Tezuka related). I […]

Manga Kissa 10 e ikimashita~!

Manga Kissa 10 e ikimashita~!

?????????,??????:*:????????????o(?????????????*)/????????????(*?????????????)o?????????,??????:*:???????????? Waaaaaiiii!! Yesterday was the happiest ever because my friend and I managed to go to this new and probably the ONLY manga kissaten (cafe) in Manila! (?????????????????) Yesterday, a manga cafe just opened in Makati. The place is owned by a Japanese and it […]


This was a paper I submitted for my Japanese Literature class. I thought of sharing to people what I have learned about 20th Century boys using the fantastic theory in Japanese Literature. It was at the summer of 1969 that Kenji, Yoshitsune, Maruo, Otcho, Keroyon, […]

#01 – Happy by Naoki Urasawa

Happy by Naoki Urasawa
Published by: Shougakukan
Serialized in: Big Comic Spirits

If there’s something happy about Happy, it’s the fact that it’s not quite the happy tale that you expected. Miyuki Umino may look happy in this cover, however, the unfortunate turn of events in her life isn’t really something to rejoice about. You’ve got an idiot brother who owes 250 million yen to some yakuza loan sharks. You’ve got 2 brothers and a younger sister to feed. You barely have enough cash for a lavish meal hence you’ve got curry for three days again. Might I add that the loan sharks want to pimp you in some bath parlor? Swamped with bad luck, Miyuki tries to make ends meet by trying her chance with her dream, becoming a professional tennis player.

Still fresh from his Yawara escapade, Naoki Urasawa gives us a refreshing, slightly tragic, nonethless perservering heroine under Miyuki. He may have given up Judo, but on this end, it’s all about who becomes the princess of tennis! That may sound cheesy, but it really is the tale of two women who have different paths to victory. As Urasawa exposes these two women, he asks us, which one of them will be truly happy?