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#30: Nigeru Otoko

I think everyone comes to that point in their life where they just want to run away. It’s tempting, isn’t it? The idea of dropping everything — bills, debts, responsibilities, homework — is such a beautiful thought that it feels like paradise. It must be […]

Natsume Ono and Rensuke Oshikiri Drawing Exchange

Comic Natalie releases another set of videos in their features section, Power Push. This time they tasked Natsume Ono and Rensuke Oshikiri to draw some illustrations of each other’s characters and wow… well… it’s always nice to see you favourite artists at work? Well there’s […]

#801MMF: The Fujoshi Bible

In Eureka’s Fujoshi Manga Compendium, there’s this interesting section where they list down the things a fujoshi must read. They called it the Fujoshi Manga Bible.  I thought it’d be best to share the list down here for fujoshi to check what these women think are titles […]

History MMF: Chapter 2

This chapter’s quite interesting as I’m receiving diverse reviews for the MMF! So here’s a recap on some of the things written this week! First! Ash has reviewed Vagabond, by Inoue Takahiko, a retelling of Miyamoto Musashi’s life.  He dwells on the themes found in […]

Spotlight: Natsume Ono/basso

Spotlight: Natsume Ono/basso

With the Toronto Comic Arts Festival coming up, I felt it best to tell the world more about Natsume Ono. She’s been getting much acclaim among manga critics however, the truth of the matter is — the English-speaking world has only grazed half of her […]

Natsume Ono’s Nigeru Otoko on Sale

Natsume Ono’s Nigeru Otoko on Sale

I was reading through my feeds this morning and caught on Manga Erotics F announcement on the sale of Natsume Ono’s Nigeru Otoko. It’s a title that started last year and for the release of its first volume, it seems that they will hold an […]