What Did I Eat Yesterday: Banana with Yoghurt and Honey


Yesterday was such an odd morning because it started out as a really hot day and so I prepared a really cold breakfast I learned from What Did I East Yesterday. I was hoping this breakfast would keep me cool, but as soon as the rain poured, the cold breakfast was not seemingly.

But that doesn’t mean this wasn’t good eats though! It’s a very simple breakfast with the warm intention of putting a smile on your face.

This Banana Yoghurt dish appeared in a chapter where Shirou, What Did You Eat Yesterday‘s hardworking lawyer, was having a difficult time at work. His ever perceptive boyfriend, Kenji, feels that Jirou needed something to cheer him up. So Kenji went out to buy some things and prepared this dish (among many) for Shirou.

Kenji’s Banana Yoghurt

Kinou Nani Tabeta

Ingredients: 1 banana, yoghurt, and honey
Cut the banana in rounds, put it in a bowl, put some dollops of yoghurt, and top it off with honey. All of these are based on how you like things so if you like things excessively sweet, put more honey or use a flavored fruit yoghurt. When I did this recipe, I used my leftover mango yoghurt!
Kenji’s tip: To stop the banana from browning, drop a bit of lemon juice over it. Don’t worry about how sour it’ll taste because the honey will balance that!

I think this is the easiest of all the meals in What did you eat yesterday, a dish that I don’t mind doing on a daily basis. When Kenji served this, he also served a grilled corned beef sandwich and his special Cafe Au Lait. I’ll give those a try when I have the ingredients but this yoghurt recipe was a really nice treat.

So what did you eat yesterday? If you had an awesome meal this week, share a photo and tweet, tumblr, or instagram it with the hashtag #whatdidieatyesterday! You might even win a copy of this comic!

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