What Did I Eat Yesterday: Earl Grey Sherbet


When I saw this recipe, I didn’t hesitate to make it. If you love tea and sherbets, Shiro’s dessert is an awesome treat without breaking a sweat! 

I love tea and apparently so does Shiro and Kenji! When they hosted a Christmas dinner with their other couple “friends”, Kenji prepared this dessert as a good way to cap off the meal. Their couple “friends” are a pair that I love and one that I hesitate to babble about because meeting them is perhaps one of the funniest moments in What Did You Eat Yesterday, especially if you’re a fujoshi! Needless to say, “Gilbert”-chan and his boy enjoyed this enough to ask for its recipe! 

Kinou Nani Tabeta
Kinou Nani Tabeta

Earl Grey Sherbet
Serves 4
A wonderful sherbet of Earl Grey
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  1. 2 bags of Earl Grey Tea
  2. Condensed Milk
  3. 500ml of milk
  4. Water
  1. Steep the tea bags in a small amount of hot water for 3-4 minutes (or longer if you want the tea stronger).
  2. Pour the tea on the 500 ml of milk
  3. Add condensed milk to the desired amount
  4. Freeze for four hours (depending on how cold your freezer is!)
  5. Scrape the frozen mixture with a fork
  1. Don't freeze it too long! I suggest checking it at the 3rd hour. Just freeze it enough that it makes a granita-like texture when you scrape it with a fork. Also, just make enough for what you're eating. I made quite a lot and it wasn't good after the first time. :<
Adapted from What Did You Eat Yesterday vol. 7
Adapted from What Did You Eat Yesterday vol. 7
Otaku Champloo http://www.punkednoodle.com/champloo/
 I totally loved this recipe! It was so nice, sweet, and refreshing although I made a mistake in making it on such a cold day. OTL. So yeah, this is best eaten when it’s summer! Or on a hot day! 

This is the last of my recipe experiments from What Did You Eat Yesterday. I had tons of fun and I think I’ll be doing this once in a while when I cross another awesome manga I’ve read with awesome food! Granted the recipes are easy to cook (and cheap to boot!). If you guys enjoyed these recipes, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy the manga! You can order it from Amazon or Book Depository

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  • Oh, I love tea and this is easy to many. I’ll try the next time I’ll invite friends over. Thanks for sharing as always. ^^

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