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The polarised “dangerous” boys love manga of 2018

This year’s best boys love manga titles are CRAY! Like doused in cajun spices and butter cray.

Fujojocast #12: Gay Manga Dialogues with Thomas Baudinette (Part 2)

I am finally back from check republic1 with the second part of my conversation with Thomas Baudinette on gay manga. In the last episode, we talked about Tom’s research, how he stumbled upon gay manga, and how this genre is consumed by readers in Japan. […]

Fujojocast #11 – Gay Manga Dialogues with Thomas Baudinette (Part 1)

In this two-part episode of fujojocast, I talk with Thomas Baudinette about the vibrant gay manga culture and its avid consumers!

Talks on democratising youth media and glocal dōjin works

Hello! It’s been a while! Since I last posted, I’ve done so many things like pass my thesis, prepare a conference, and uproot my life from Australia. It’s a bit crazy but all is well and good! Throughout the month, I’ll be giving some talks […]

46. Welcome to the Ballroom by Takeuchi Tomo

Welcome to the Ballroom’s gonna be an anime and I can’t help but feel overly excited. At a time when lesser known sports, such as figure skating and rugby, are getting some love, I’m happy that dancesport is joining the party.

45. Tokkyū!! by Komori Yoichi and Kubo Mitsurou

In this manga about Japanese Coast Guard’s Special Rescue Unit or Tokkyū, Komori Yoichi and Kubo Mitsurou shows the exceptional heroism of these young rescuers.

The 2017 Dangerous Boys Love (BL) Manga

2016 was quite surreal as seemingly impossible things just got real. From the deaths of our cultural heroes to the figure skating anime we never realised we actually needed, 2016 was exceptionally cray. 2016’s BL titles were no exception.    The 2017 list of BL’s “dangerous” titles, […]

My favourite manga reads in 2016

  2016. What a year. It’s been a tough year for many of us and personally, it was a challenging one. I was so busy with the last stretch of my dissertation that I hardly read any manga at all! When things finally slowed down […]

The BL Manga Starter Kit

I’d like to think of this BL Starter Kit as Pandora’s Box. When Airin raised the idea to me, I was obscenely curious over what she had to say. In fact, I’ve been very curious what titles people suggested because getting someone started on BL […]

Fujojocast #10: Building a BL starter kit!

  So I posted last weekend about pooling people’s recs for a BL starter kit! If you’ve got a few titles in mind, that’s great! Let me know about it!  However, if you’re still thinking how to go about it, let Airin, Maija, and I help […]