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Goodbye, Kissa10

Goodbye, Kissa10

It breaks my heart to say this, but this month, my second manga home, Manga Kissa 10 is closing its doors. No more maids. No more mangas. Because of this, they are selling all of their mangas for the price of P50/tankoubon. Despite this, you […]

Another visit, another fangirling

One of my Christmas wishes this season was reading time in one of my favorite places, Manga Kissa 10. A good friend of mine decided to grant this wish and decided to make Khursten faint again over manga! True enough, just like every time, I’m […]

It’s been a year…

… and I missed my celebration! ??????(?????????) ?????????????!! I honestly wasn’t able to keep track of when I actually actively started this blog and it turned out that my site went in motion on August 23 and I forgot to celebrate. lol. I’ve been busy […]

Manga Kissa 10 brings the magazines to you!

YES! YES! YES! Manga Kissa 10 is willing to take orders for magazines!! Well, for our interest, manga magazines!! So yes!! Order away! Finally Shounen Sunday and Kiss. :3 waai~

Manga Kissa 10 is asking you what mangas you want!

I’m a little late on the announcement, but I checked Manga Kissa 10’s website and they announced that they are planning to bring in some English manga to the store and they want people’s insights on what they want to read, a great move if […]

Finding more titles from Kissa10

This is quite a late entry (as other entries), but I gave myself a shot at going to Kissa10 just to see what they are up to and for those who have been monitoring what’s new and what’s not at Kissa10, I’m sure most of […]

Manga Kissa 10 in Multiply~!

Manga Kissa 10 is on Multiply! Well, what do you know. My favorite manga cafe is now online and people can now browse through their humble little store. They also did a google and checked the people who wrote reviews about their store. I’m not […]

Manga Kissa 10 e ikimashita~!

Manga Kissa 10 e ikimashita~!

?????????,??????:*:????????????o(?????????????*)/????????????(*?????????????)o?????????,??????:*:???????????? Waaaaaiiii!! Yesterday was the happiest ever because my friend and I managed to go to this new and probably the ONLY manga kissaten (cafe) in Manila! (?????????????????) Yesterday, a manga cafe just opened in Makati. The place is owned by a Japanese and it […]