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For Fandom!!

Again, another interesting thing popped up in my e-mail again. This time, it’s from Laura Hale and she’s co-maintaining a site called fanhistory.com. Now I really thought that it was all for naught, but it seems to be quite an interesting site on the history […]

All for knowledge!

I got an interesting e-mail from Dirk Haas, a Belgian psychology student at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. His research is about how people around the world view Japanese animation. Now, he is in dire need of Asian respondents. So if you guys live in […]

Spotting the Difference

Today I checked out the Pasko ng Komiks Komiksibit in U.P. which is part of an event co-organized by our group. Along with prints of artwork by icons of Filipino comic art like Nestor Redondo, the exhibit also features a lot of great talent from […]

Is it safe already?

I just want to test if all is good already and the website has been upgraded properly. *sigh* I hope all is well. EDIT: Everything turned out well. I just had to get some outdated plugins not working. In the meantime, I’m disabling my archives. […]

Nodame attack. Yet again. ><;;

Nodame attack. Yet again. ><;;

Sometimes I’m such a fangirl that I scare myself. So, I made the Nodame fansite (which I should be updating really soon…). And there is the Nodame pinky:st custom dolls I made. Is it bad to add to the roster and create a room for […]

Finding your place in this strange copyright mess

Okay. So Japan requests that America should put some kind of regulation with the distribution of anime online1 . Perhaps in the same strength that Odex tries to control the Singapore market? A part of me says that this kind of deal is fair. When […]

Mixing East with the West.

This weekend, I can’t help but enjoy John Jakala’s slew of ideas with regards to mixing mangakas with amecomi. :3 Actually for the past two weeks, he’s been enjoying the idea of mixing eastern stories with that of the west. My favorite was the Yotsuba […]

out of the hole

????(??? ????????)???? ???????????????!!??????I would like to express my deepest sorries to the people who have been following OtaChan for a few months and have not really read anything substantial. Well, that’s primarily because it was the last month of school and things piled on me […]