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10 awesomesauce manga from 2015

2015 came and went so fast and I feel like I haven’t read enough manga. OTL. More like, I feel like I haven’t written much about the manga I read in the last year. I remember making a call for more josei this year but […]

41. Fire! by Hideko Mizuno

Hello! It’s been a while. ; w; Super sorry for my recent inactivity. I’ve been weaning from social media and such and its mostly due to the fact that I’ve been reading and writing a lot of stuff for my thesis and I’ve dedicated most […]

40. Dusk in Kalevia

Dusk in Kalevia turns out to be as mythical as I have imagined, if not more. The story of two ‘men’ caught at odds in a brewing revolution remains romantic. More so when you read them move in such a beautiful city as Kalevia.

Hot 2015 BL Webcomic Rec List!

Hey guys! Happy 801, Yaoi no Hi! /o/    As a gift to all of you, I’ve finally compiled the 2015 BL Webcomic Rec List from all you amazing people. Super thanks! Had I done this alone you’d probably get a handful but I got […]

Winners for 801BLRec!

People have spoken and has done the hard work of pick out the winners. Congratulations to PotatoeOverlord, Trenna Schram, and Kawaii_Mess!! If you guys won and want to claim your prize, send me an e-mail and let’s talk about how I get some BL […]

Calling for recs for the 2015 BL Webcomic Rec List

SO! Another year has passed. What happened to 2014? I was doing research shenanigans and I missed celebrating 801 as well as updating this lovely BL list. That made this fujojo sad so I’m making up for it this 2015 and to get the party […]

Blush Petite in Manila this August

The last few months felt like I went around the world in 90 days. I can never apologise enough for the time I have not been giving this site more so giving this little baby a shout out. That’s right, a mini-version of Blush is […]

39. Yatamomo

Sometimes, you just can’t help but fall in love with a bad boy. That’s what happens to Yata in Harada’s Yatamomo.

Room801 is flying mile high this weekend

  So the awesomesauce organizers of last year’s awesome yuri and yaoi convention are back and they’re flying mile high for this year’s Room 801!! I am totes excite to spend the weekend with this lovely crew as they’re holding their event on 28-29 March […]

38. Sayonara, Sorcier

There was a time when nobody knew who Vincent Van Gogh was. Nowadays, everybody knows about him. And in different versions too (like the Dr. Who Van Gogh or the Cumberbatch Van Gogh). Most representations of Van Gogh show this miserable soul whose art was […]