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Peeking into 2013 Manga Taishou Nominees

I think I’m going to make a habit of this feature given this award has actually given me fruitful readings from last year. I personally have no regrets reading some of these titles and the likes of Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil) and I […]

25 Years of Toei Philippines

While I often complain that the Philippines does not have a rich localized manga industry like Singapore and Indonesia, we do have a very rich history in animation. Some of you may have heard of members of Pixar coming from our shores, but for all […]

There are some things meant only for Japan

As soon as the new season of the Gintama anime started, I noticed a couple of tweets asking whether the Gin Tama1 manga was cancelled since the US Viz release of the 23rd volume was declared as the final volume. The manga is still going […]

Shueisha ventures into BL with BL-ink

I thought that this has got to be the funniest joke but it turns out, it was no joke at all. I’ve seen this being tweeted for some while but it wasn’t long until I finally saw the commercial for Shueisha’s new quarterly BL magazine […]

A trufax theme for all Shounen Jump fans

Listen to “Oh Shounen Jump!” I didn’t believe this at first but my good Japanese friend gave me a copy of a song, a fervent anthem for Shounen Jump! I don’t know if this is a real song but it seems to be sung by […]

Oh My Jump Heroines

How do you like your Shounen Jump heroine? Do you love her dressed in a pristine school uniform, where her smiling face (and possibly panties or if your lucky, cleavage) grace every panel? Do you like her making bentou for the hero, sharing laughs right […]

Jump History and Fujoshi (4): Move aside Son Goku, it’s all about Rukawa x Hiei x Kenshin. TOTALLY!

1990 to 1994 can be considered by many as one of the strongest periods of Jump. The title that carried this period was an epic intergalactic superhuman masterpiece named Dragon Ball Z. It was so popular that no one in this world could not have […]

Jump History and Fujoshi (3): Men and their Poses and Cosmos

For this round, we have to remember something: the girls follow where the pretty boys are. By the time our dear Fujoshi’s have been hooked line and sinker with Captain Tsubasa, they found themselves regularly reading Jump. During Jump’s heroic age, wherein most heroes had […]

Jump History and Fujoshi (2): Captain Tsubasa love

1980 to 1984 marked great development and diversity in Jump. The second part of the WSJ Illustrated Guide would probably tell you more about the growth of the magazine and the rise of its future mangaka superstars. On our end, this period is monumental. Why? […]

A history of the fujoshi love affair with Jump

I’m sure many of you are reading through Strangerataru’s Illustrated Guide to Weekly Shounen Jump. It briefly looks into the rich history of popular and significant titles in Shounen Jump. Upon reading it, I cannot help but feel completely nostalgic. Particularly even more nostalgic with […]