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Barefoot Gen drama special on the telly

Oh dear. Just when everyone of my friends is home from Japan, they show something quite important like this. -_-;; I have to thank Comipress for this. Apparently, FujiTV is releasing a drama special of Barefoot Gen on the telly from August 10 to 11 […]

Yes! It’s all Jump’s fault!

I have a bad habit of reading my feeds too late. And thanks to that, I get late on the news. ^^;; So, the new year started with Comipress putting the news about the special relationship with Jump and fujoshi. Fujoshi is what we, foreigners, […]

Obata breaks the law with… a knife!?

Apparently, Takeshi Obata, the lovely artist for the uber popular Death Note manga and Hikaru no Go, was arrested last wednesday after having been caught with an 8 cm knife in his car. He was actually stopped for not having his car lights on. It […]

Some Jump History

Some Jump History

     Strangerataru posted at Weekly Jump a really interesting site that shows the history of Shounen Jump. Having been a jump reader (although not entirely faithfully, I don’t get the weeklies like others do. I just get the weeklies of series I read.), I can’t […]