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#10 – One Piece by Oda Eiichiro

#10 – One Piece by Oda Eiichiro

OPcover One Piece by Oda Eiichiro
Published by Shueisha
Serialized in Shounen Jump
Translated by Viz

When friends ask me about a shounen story I’d recommend, the first title that comes to mind is One Piece. After hearing the title, most of them groan saying “it’s too long” or “there’s no bishounen in there” or “the art is butt ugly.” Although I’d honestly like to immediately contest and defend this rag tag crew to them, I always just throw at them the line “For your nakama ((Comrade)), just give it a shot.” Happily so, after I lend them 20 volumes to read, they’d come back screaming “Nakama!!” with great gusto!

One Piece is more than just a shounen story with a pirate touch. Oda Eiichiro has turned Luffy’s quest for One Piece into your adventure as well. This is the reason why it has lasted a decade with fans and why it’ll be probably go on for a couple more years. This is a manga where the characters become your nakama.

Looking forward to Jump Square!

Last week’s highlight for me, other than receiving some great mangas from a friend (and my Touch OST! ;w;) is looking at the line up of Jump Square. To be honest, as much as I owe a lot of my fandom to Shounen Jump, recently, […]

Barefoot Gen drama special on the telly

Oh dear. Just when everyone of my friends is home from Japan, they show something quite important like this. -_-;; I have to thank Comipress for this. Apparently, FujiTV is releasing a drama special of Barefoot Gen on the telly from August 10 to 11 […]

Yes! It’s all Jump’s fault!

I have a bad habit of reading my feeds too late. And thanks to that, I get late on the news. ^^;; So, the new year started with Comipress putting the news about the special relationship with Jump and fujoshi. Fujoshi is what we, foreigners, […]

Obata breaks the law with… a knife!?

Apparently, Takeshi Obata, the lovely artist for the uber popular Death Note manga and Hikaru no Go, was arrested last wednesday after having been caught with an 8 cm knife in his car. He was actually stopped for not having his car lights on. It […]

Some Jump History

Some Jump History

     Strangerataru posted at Weekly Jump a really interesting site that shows the history of Shounen Jump. Having been a jump reader (although not entirely faithfully, I don’t get the weeklies like others do. I just get the weeklies of series I read.), I can’t […]