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Osamu Tezuka’s Secret to Creativity

This is an NHK documentary called Osamu Tezuka: Sousaku no Himitsu. It was done in 1985 and it looks at the man’s life, work, and contribution to Japan. If you didn’t know the amazing of Tezuka, then see a glimpse of it in this video. […]

History MMF: Little Loud Voices: World War II Remembered by 3 Artists

War is a victorious, perhaps bitter, maybe a painful playground for adults. In war, we imagine soldiers moving to shoot their enemies, nurses rushing to heal the injured, politicians and generals posing in front of battle plans, and civilians running away from the crossfire. Our […]

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History MMF: Chapter 2

This chapter’s quite interesting as I’m receiving diverse reviews for the MMF! So here’s a recap on some of the things written this week! First! Ash has reviewed Vagabond, by Inoue Takahiko, a retelling of Miyamoto Musashi’s life.  He dwells on the themes found in […]

The Tale of Three Tezuka Ladies

The Tale of Three Tezuka Ladies

It’s hard to imagine Tezuka with heroines. People often associate Tezuka with heroes like Astroboy (Atom), Black Jack, and Buddha. In the last five years, the most fervent of readers would possibly have heard of Sapphire from Princess Knight. Unless you’re Japanese, she is a […]

Vertical does it right again

Vertical does it right again

I’m stoked. This entry would have been written a lot early if I didn’t have my tabletop game last night. Ed Chavez of Vertical really shook the American manga scene by storm by announcing Vertical’s acquisitions by bringing in manga classic Princess Knight (リボンの騎士), No […]

The Tezuka Vertical Covers

The Tezuka Vertical Covers

I have something to confess. I rarely buy English mangas. Don’t be hatin’. I have my reasons. I rarely buy English mangas because they’re expensive in the Philippines. What would cost $8 in the U.S. might cost $15 in our bookstores. If I order Japanese […]

Live action film for Osamu Tezuka’s MW

AND TAMAKI HIROSHI IS ACTING!!! Yuecchi gave a twit of Tamaki Hiroshi in eyeglasses, but I was more surprised when it said that he is acting for MW! Wow. That’s cool. It’s probably one of his more serious roles. He probably can handle it, then […]

#12 Saint Young Men by Hikaru Nakamura

Saint Young Men (聖☆おにいさん) by Nakamura Hikaru Serialized in Morning Two Published by Kodansha Lent is the perfect time to reflect over our past sins and contemplate on how THE MAN sacrificed his life for our salvation. In the modern world, this religious ritual becomes […]